Marksbury mentioned in Wall Street Journal

From the WSJ’s Bits & Bites column:

Rancher-butcher Preston Correll raises grass-fed, antibiotic-and-steroid-free cows, pigs and poultry (including eggs) on his Kentucky spreads. We were lucky enough to taste his livestock at a recent dinner party where chef Soa Davies made a divine pâté from the chickens’ livers, killer tacos from the ground beef and mushrooms stuffed with the pork sausage. The cuts came from Correll’s Marksbury Farm Market, a co-op slaughterhouse, processing facility and butcher shop, founded last year by the meat man, his wife and his like-minded collective. Sharpen your knives: As of this week, Marksbury’s juicy pork chops ($5 for each ¾-pound chop), and even a whole hog (from $850, artisan-eviscerated into multiple parts), can be purchased online.


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