is a small scale,
locally owned, Butchers Shop, Farm Market,
and Processing Facility.

We partner with local farmers who share our
commitment to sustainable, humane,
and natural production methods

We use traditional and modern methods to
deliver an array of high quality, healthy,
and fresh products

Please come in and reconnect with your
food sources, and be a part of a
productive local food network.

Visit us in Garrard County, Kentucky


logomockup4Marksbury’s NEW Quick-Service Restaurant & Butcher Shop
7907 Nicholasville Road

Retail: Butcher’s Shop
(until February 28, 2015)
73 Fisher Ford Road
(859) 754-4224

Processing  Facility
7907 Nicholasville Road
(859) 548-2333

Buy Local.

Eat Well.